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The Worst Places to Spend Vacation

New places are something everyone wishes to visit, learning different cultures, getting acquainted with a lot of new people. Although there's a wide choice for everyone, there are places tourist should be aware of. These are cities and countries that have certain problems whether with high level of pollution, crime, over-population or all together.

A great way to start the tour through the worst places in the world is to state a popular Spanish slang "de mala muerte," meaning "a bad place to die". A lot of tourists made their top lists regarding the places they've been, what they liked and what they hated. This list refers to the cities that a person passionate about traveling should avoid visiting or at least should be aware of what to expect.

A tough competition for the top worst places to travel to, took place between industrial towns, metropolises flooded with gangs and sterile metropolises that now have their chance to become famous. There were even people who contacted webmasters to make them aware about the terrible place they live in.


Some say that this city is the logical conclusion of all the things that went wrong in India. Bombay is a mix of pollution, over-population, communal violence and high level of corruption.

Some regions of the city have a population density of one million people per square mile. The air a person breathes here is equal to 20 cigarettes smoked per day. Although various investors look forward to invest in Bombay, poor people become poorer, having little access to reliable water supplies, having no sewage system and, generally speaking having no rights.

According to statistics around 400 people die each month due to over-crowding on the Bombay's internal train system. This city is definitely not the kind of fame India would have had. Similar places in the country are Delhi and Agra.


According to some information found over the Internet, after the discovery of oil Arabian countries started importing cheap labor force from India and Pakistan so they would perform the actual work. This step turned a fishing village, Dubai, into a chaotic city. The city features somewhat tasteless architectural gigantic creations that are meant to attract tourists, and a lot of people fall for the trap and then realize that the trip wasn't really worth it.

It seems like the cities have been inserted into the sand and the sky scrappers look like they have been simply attached to a construction plain. When traveling through the country tourists have the feeling that the sand is going to swallow back every piece of the building in the city, thus bringing back the desert.

Liverpool and Manchester

The first city is proud about the fact that it produced the well-known band The Beatles and the latter city can be proud about its local soccer team, however, these cannot serve as reasons to attract more tourists and pretend to be a great place to visit. The two cities represent a quite depressing picture.

First there are scousers (Liverpool's inhabitants that received their name after a sauce called scouse) and then there are the Mancunians, who are famous for being rascals and conmen. In some way these people can be quite entertaining but there's another factor that tourists should keep in mind, and that is weather, which is really not as shiny as someone could have thought, with rain a fog predominating here.

Crime in these cities has a higher rate than in any other part of England and that is one of the keys factors to start thinking before paying a visit to Liverpool and Manchester.

Guatemala City

This is one of the most dangerous places a tourist can visit. It is worth mentioning that busses in Guatemala City have bullet holes in them. Different gangs hang out in the streets of the city. The main causes of civil war and death squads in Guatemala City are the result of financial and military aim from the United States. The city has a high rate of violence. The safest way is to pass quickly through the city, and it should be made in the morning. The biggest mistake that travelers make is walking down the street searching for an inexpensive hostel. Such courageous people are very likely to get hospitalized. A horrifying indicator is the number of kidnaps, these having the highest rate of growth in Latin America.


This city-state has the highest rate of police per capita than in any other place in the world. Singapore represents a little capitalist dictatorship and most of the real enforcement is performed by cameras and computers. However, there are a lot of undercover agents who are constantly in search for those who might threaten the Golden Norm of their society.

This country is the place where one can be fined for nearly anything, from chewing gum and having a too long hair and till dancing in the public. It has posters everywhere stating what people show do, how they should act and in what they should believe. There are a lot of air conditioned malls and plastic trees that require frequent dusting.


Statistically 9 percent of Americans who had visited Mexico came back disappointed. Due to this fact the Mexican tourism industry thought about improving the situation with the number of visitors coming here and came up with the city called Cancun, which seems to be built exclusively for American tourists. Before that Cancun was a small village with several hundreds of inhabitants and today it houses a couple of millions.

People can see a lot of restaurants and malls and there is no argues about the fact that people pay in dollars. The city's administration looks forward to maintain the import of trees for beaches after every hurricane that runs through this place. This isn't really a scare place for a tourist but the fact is that beyond the borders of this city there's completely another world, so if tourists want to spend some time here, then Cancun is the only real place for fun.

Besides the upper mentioned cities some information regarding the top 5 worst places to visit was provided by National Geographic. These are:

1. Iraq

The main reason is the never ending war on terrorism.

2. Somalia

Here at power is the rule of the gun and a constant struggle for power between warlords dominates within the country. This country might as well be called a lawless wasteland.

3. Afghanistan

This is where a high rate of Taliban-sponsored suicide bombs is located. There are a lot of unexploded weapons, IEDs.

4. Thailand

People are exposed to a huge number of Tsunami as well as other natural disasters. There are also struggles between the Islamic militants and the government.

5. Sudan

This is where the tensions between the rebel groups and the government are concentrated. Sudan holds a high rate of genocide, murders and rapes.

In addition to the upper mentioned here are some other countries dangerous for visiting, listed by Forbes:
• Burundi
• Cote d'Ivoire
• Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Georgia
• Haiti
• Liberia
• Pakistan
• Papua New Guinea
• Zimbabwe

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