Monday, May 12, 2008

Death by Degree at British University

LONDON (AFP) - A British university is to offer a degree in funerals, covering aspects of the profession from bereavement counselling to law, customer service and disposal of human remains, it said Monday.

Bath University in southwest England has been given the go-ahead to put on the two-year course, which has been developed in conjunction with the National Association of Funeral Directors.

Students will have the option of converting to a bachelor's (undergraduate) degree over an additional year. The institution already runs a master's level degree in death and society.

The university said the new course is designed to provide students with "a broad understanding of social science and humanities perspectives on death, dying and loss in the context of their professional practice".

It added: "It will be of particular interest to students employed in the funeral industry, for whom it will provide an opportunity to further their understanding of the social issues that impact on experience and practice."

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