Monday, June 9, 2008

16,488 Condoms Ordered for Antarctic Base

Intrepid souls braving the cold climes of Antarctica clearly find traditional ways of keeping warm.

McMurdo Station has taken delivery of 16,488 condoms. The shipment last month constitutes a year's supply, ensuring the frisky can stay safe in the sack.

The station's manager, Bill Henriksen, said he was initially surprised by the delivery but said there was "not really" anything unusual about McMurdo staff.

"During the summertime we've got a normal population of 1100 people and this is for the year round not for the 125 people we have here in the winter," he said.

The last flight out of McMurdo before winter was on February 26. There will be no relief from winter's darkness until the first sunrise of spring, on August 20.

"There are some people that tend to get a little bit bored but, for the most part, people who come down here know how to occupy their time," Henriksen said.

The condoms would be freely available to staff avoiding any embarrassing purchases.

"Since everybody knows everyone, it becomes a little bit uncomfortable we'd prefer to just provide them and do it that way so that people don't do without."

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