Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honesty Is Not the Best Policy in the Workplace

"The successful candidate will mask his true feelings, negative and positive, in the name of professionalism." So might read the majority of job descriptions, and not just for positions such as customer service rep, 911 operator, or waiter.

Emotional subterfuge is de rigueur across the job board, according to Michael Kramer, Ph.D., and Jon Hess, Ph.D., professors of communication at the University of Missouri in Columbia. They examined the masking of emotions in occupations that don't necessarily require interaction with the public.

Ninety-five employees, from a utility worker to a TV director, were asked for examples of inappropriate emotional displays at work. Gloating over a promotion was considered just as destructive as losing one's cool under pressure. Misdirected positive displays, such as a manager congratulating one employee for a group effort, also reflected poorly on an individual's perceived professionalism.

[Via Psychology Today]

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