Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things Been Learned from Craigslist

From the Wanted Section:
Holy crap a lot of people want expensive stuff for free. I’d think $10-$20 items would be the most people would muster the gall to ask for. But no, some people go all the way to “a reliable economical car or truck”.

From the Free Section:
Apparently there are a lot of people who either don’t have access to a pickup, or know where the dump is.

From Barter:
Quite often even more unrealistic than the people who want a free car.

From w4m:
The minimum accepted male height for online dating is 5’9”.

Women think that if they say they don’t like liars, or guys who play games, or married guys, that this will deter those types from replying. It’s like my friends who believe you can’t be busted by an undercover cop if you have first asked them if he or she is a cop.

From r&r:
The word ‘loser’ is much more difficult to spell than you’d think.

An effective rebuttal to any argument is to avoid the content of the argument and attack what you assume to be the character of the poster. Most often the attack word is ‘libtard’.

Another effective rebuttal is also to ignore the content of the argument and post a series of pictures that you think are clever and contain the letters STFU.

A third effective rebuttal is once again to ignore content, yet this time, pick apart the spelling, often using incorrect grammar and/or spelling.

From mc:
There are more chickens in the world then I previously thought. Seriously, if you know where the person works or lives, go freakin’ ask them out. They will never see your post. But that’s really what you are hoping aren’t you? At least with your mc you can delude yourself into thinking you tried.

[Via Craigslist]

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